Yoga Vitamins!

What are the characteristics that we need to have or need to cultivate within ourselves to make our yoga practice meaningful and rewarding?

To quote Mr. Iyengar: The 5 vitamins required for the practice of yoga are faith, memory, courage, absorption and uninterrupted awareness of attention. With these 5 vitamins you can conquer the five sheaths of the body and become one with the universal self.

I believe the most important of these “vitamins’ is uninterrupted awareness of attention. It is easy to become distracted in class and in our daily lives by all the things we need ‘to do’, by things that keep us from paying to the little things and but potentially also the big things in our practice. It’s the little things (and possibly big things) that end up making the practice of yoga a rewarding and meaningful experience.
If we don’t pay attention, we will miss these gems in the practice…… we will miss the real yoga!
We have return our attention back to the mat minute after minute, day after day.