I have just finished reading this. Rinzler’s relaxed writing style makes understanding Buddhist teachings easy, even for me.
Now the application into daily life is the difficult part.
Here is what others had to say…..

“The cool kid’s Buddhist.”—Boston Phoenix

“It’s easy to be confused when you spot a book called Walk Like a Buddha—does Buddha even walk? But its author, Lodro Rinzler, has practiced Buddhism since he was 11 and might convince you to adopt some of the Buddha’s holy moves. Food for thought for your next stressful subway commute, day at work, or moment at home.”—Metro New York

“Though its title refers to the Buddha, this book is an effective guide for helping readers reevaluate how they live life, disengage the autopilot, and be compassionate to others and themselves. The young Buddhist teacher [Rinzler] does not offer a universal answer to the pitfalls of worldly existence but rather engages with real issues asked by his column readers and friends.”—Publishers Weekly

“Walk Like a Buddha tries harder than almost any other dharma book to be contemporary, taking on Facebook use, online shopping, and challenges like how to overcome ‘fomo’ (‘the fear of missing out’) on a potentially epic Friday night outing. For those who yearn for dharma books with Arrested Development references and musings on brunch, this is likely the first and only.”—Tricycle